Blue Star Group Online

Who We Are

Blue Star Group Alliance is a Mid-West based agency, dedicated to improving your business and your bottom line.

We specialize in rounding out your business. As professionals we are your one stop source for:

  • Sales Agency

  • Consulting Agency

  • Marketing Agency

  • Strategy Group

In short . . . your hired business brain.

Why We Do

At Blue Star Group Alliance we are passionate about the success or your business.

Why? Not only is it incredibly FUN for us to assist those in their passion, we see our success defined by your success. Anything we can do to assist your business means one more viable, strong, independent business owner helping their community thrive by simply being a shining example. And you get to go on doing what you love to do!

How We Do It

We care about the results you want for your business.

After all, it is your business. Whether your business is a coffee shop, a day spa, a local eatery, or anything else where your customer is the end consumer, you know your business and your goals better than we do, but we know the business of business and defining, attracting and maintaining your desired client.

Our potential is defined by a simple, no cost, 25 question survey. From there we can determine the next best step and know how best we can work together.